Freelance Artist specializing in formats for screen printing.

Creativity, Speed, and Quality- with a touch of Madness! No waiting days or weeks to get a sketch, nor arguments over any changes. Why settle for the ordinary? The designs you use should make a specified impression, creating a desired feeling and concept in the prospects mind- something not done if your logo, tee shirt, ads or billboards just have a pretty image with little thought invested!

Mix in some Madness and things REALLY get cooking!

If you want something fresh, need art done yesterday, have an idea no one knows how to develop, demand an idea no one else has come up with, or have no idea whatsoever, I'm your Madman.

ALSO- I will do quick sketches at no charge to help you nab prospects!

      Artwork for the screen printing is a different universe than other industries: low resolution images won't work, vector images are often needed, requiring expertise in graphic software such as Corel Draw and Illustrator. Artwork done in Photoshop has to be very carefully done and organized to look great once the image is printed on shirts, caps, and other fabric products.
     And, the key to ALL of this is Experience , Creativity, and the ability to quickly grasp what one is LOOKING for in a graphic design. (What STYLE to create : a cartoon? A caricature? Or a realistic or abstract design?)

Remember: the world of Reality has its Limits- the world of Imagination is BOUNDLESS!

Please use the "CONTACT" Page to Let me know how to work with you!

Let's get Creative Together!

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