Creative Freelance Graphic Artist- that ANYONE can afford!

For Immediate Contact- E-Mail Me:
...go ahead: TEXT (or call) me. Call (253)652-4443

If you have a project that requires vibrant, eye-catching images that will get results, and are looking for a fast, saavy, and DEPENDABLE artist, one that understands the different formats needed for various projects and the need to meet a deadline- you have come to the right artist! 

Business management becomes a lot easier when using key B2B professionals you can COUNT on!

I use my design skills to create ideas and images that meet the specifics for screen printing,
conventional printing and other graphic projects. I thrive on being able to communicate with my clients and bring their ideas to life. I will create a sketch of the ideas so that we can make sure that we are on the same page and then, using that sketch, I create an image that is exciting and original- and prints well.

I create my original artwork sketching out ideas, that when approved I ink in, scan, then
use various design programs such as Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator to finish the design .

My clients know that when they hire me for their graphic design project that I will provide them with original imagery that will communicate their brand and message. I do that through a combination of talent, sharpened by several decades of experience, and truly unique, creative ideas.

Browse my website carefully and check out the artwork that I created for other clients. If I can help you or if you have questions please contact me. ( ) E-Commerce enables us to connect and work efficently in ways never imagined in previous decades; I can create your designs quickly and get them to you as quick as e-mail!

Freelance Design Services Include:

Timelines or artwork for Facebook, Logo Design, Caricatures ,Shirt Designs, Storyboards,
rt for Blogs & Discussion Forums, Business Card Design , Artwork for websites, Postcard Design, 
Invitation and Card Design, Custom Illustration, Avatars, GIF Animations, Vehicle Decal Design, 
Poster, Banner & Sign Design




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