Frequent Questions I have to ask!

To help me do the design to your satisfaction.

Just the facts, ma'am!

How long have I been a Graphic Artist?

Well over 30 years with expertise in Corel Draw (using Illustrator as a secondary program) and Photoshop.
Will gladly travel to your site if the expenses are covered.

What Format(s) do you need?

Vector art (as in CorelDraw) or Bitmap art (as in Photoshop)?

Vector art is a mathematical format for art that keeps it the same now matter HOW large the design is increased to, and is especially useful when needing to limit the colors needed to print, saving the printer time and effort- and keeping your printing costs down. The foremost Vector Programs used: Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator

Bitmap art is art the computer sees as very tiny squares of color it uses to display an image, and cannot be enlarged very much without usually becoming blurry. The advantage to such art is a much higher degree of realism and / or colors- but is usually much more expensive to print, since it requires "color seperating" and more screens for the printer to make. Foremost Bitmap Programs used: Photoshop

What is your Budget?

I am not Greedy, yet the budget you are willing to invest determines if I need to 'throw' something together, or to take a lot of time, carefully crafting an idea, doing sketches for you to refine it to your satisfaction, and to carefully draw and color every detail, using unique effects and fonts.

Do you have a PayPal account?

I am as much a businessman as artist, and pride myself on keeping your deadline, usually beating it!
So, I expect the same of those I slave for- to pay me quickly after I do MY part.
Thus PayPal- it's instant (unless you have no money in it- then it will take 4 days to clear).

I send the finished art ONLY when paid.
If you insist on snail mail, I need to know upfront, and I will send the art ONLY after getting the check- and it clearing. Or the money order.

What will the shirt color(s) and ink color(s) be?

A Great design will be done for the specific color shirts it will be printed on. Keep in mind that on the darker shirts- like black- TWO screens are needed just for the White (the first white is partially absorbed and faded by the shirt, the second 'highlight' white makes it sharp and crisp), and if you want additional colors they add to the cost of the shirts quite quickly, so I need to know how many I have to work with!

Show me samples of what your client likes!

This enables me to see the styles of art and printing they like, increasing the chance of coming up with the right idea, as well as pleasing them with with the finished art.

It thus enables me to do the work faster, without wasted time taking guesses at what they are looking for.

Finally- the Text!

Text has to be carefully placed into the design.

Especially with LISTS, spelling correctly is VITAL, so I prefer to cut and paste your typed list into the layout as I begin doing the art!

If there are specific fonts they insist on using- either send the font with your instructiuons, or add an extra $35 to the fee to cover my Easter-Egg hunt, with possibly the PRICE of each specific font desired, if they must be Bought....

Of course, if I HAVE them, its no problem- but few realize just how much time and effort it takes to track specific fonts down, sometimes- there being so MANY!

Need if FAST? Tight Deadline?
Then I am DEFINITELY your man, since I live 7 days a week in front of my drawing tablet and computer.
Keep in mind that the quicker you communicate with me will be a large factor in your 'Rush Order', enabling me to carry out the project as quickly as possible.

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