Freelance Art the way YOU want it-
fast and within your budget!

Set yourself apart from the other printers!

I've been doing this for over THIRTY YEARS!
Since my work involves so many different types of art and subject matter, it is NEVER boring- and I don't have
     any qualms about doing art against my personal viewpoints or world views.
One day I'm designing a Killer Bike Week or Racing design, the next a 'MADicature'
    ( my own style of caricature ), and another designing a stunning Logo for a new business ( or revamping an
     established one ).

I actually DRAW, then scan it into the 'puter using Photoshop and a graphic tablet to clean it up and enhance it.
I do everything I can to help you, discussing ideas and concepts, and never charging for sketches that help to
     secure an account with prospects and home-in on ideas they have!


THINK about what I save you, as a freelance artist: office space, salary with benefits, 'social security', and insurance. AND I am VERY dependable, being as much a businessman as an artist, focusing on your deadline and desired result.

After seeing some of the pitiful 'art' people were paying for (with non-refundable deposits), I decidied, when starting my careerless career as a freelance artist, NOT to charge deposits- and the first customer ( a printer in Orlando ) promptly said “ You're MAD! ( Giving me my Name ) You'll never survive!”
Fortunately, he was wrong. It HAS been a long, hard road, though, and, over 30 years later, I STILL do the very best I can- for whatever the budget, you owing NOTHING if your customer isn't happy with the art!

HOWEVER, there IS a Catch: Once they HAVE approved the art, I require fast payment via PayPal!
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