I've taken certain strips of Don Martin and animated them:

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These are only the tiniest number of samples from over 40 YEARS of freelance commercial art for screenprinters and other companies...
The Budget determines how much time I will put into creating the Design~


Some of the many Logos I have created~

This one I did in the 80s~

  <--- Logo icon ($$) was printeed in Gold Foil

Now to my Madicatures~

(I didn't do that poor typesetting- just the Cartoon)




A Publishing Company (way back in 1990)  needed me to do the art AND the ideas for the Oakland A's Activity Book...BEFORE THE WEEK WAS OUT! I did it, but refused to their proposal to do the next one FREE...so this is my only experience in THAT field...and I knew little about BASEBALL- so did a lot of research QUICK!~

There were many more pages- but wasn't my best art because of the rush!

(Carefully hand-drawn and stippled on Illustration Board)

No one noticed (or cared) that "Saloon" was mis-spelled!

I'm good at doing 'Reversed Art'; drawing the inside, rather than the outlines...~

MADvertooning from 1991~


-Tee-Shirt Designs Over the Years-



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