Contact Me

I check my e-mail several times a day- no matter WHERE I am,
whereas often I can't answer the phone: (253) 652-4443

The Info YOU send helps or hinders my efficency and speed in creating your design!
Please include:

1- The Format you desire the Art in
2- The Budget
3- The Shirt and Ink Color(s)
4- The Text along with any TTF Font Files you wish used
Hours LOOKING for specific fonts will add to the fee, and having to DRAW EACH LETTER will do so even more!)
5- Any past designs, or examples of art they like, as well as any ideas they may have. And,
6- The Deadline

So, try copying and pasting this list to your e-mail, and adding the info.
THEN send to:, so we can work together without delay!

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