Hopefully this will help you make SURE that you get the type of art you are looking for, as well as to develop pity for all in my profession, as you see what we have to deal with, as well as what it takes to produce Art that Sizzles!

Is Clip Art the answer

Printing shirts is not cheap- but every customer wants, often even NEEDS it to be cheap. Thus the everyday plight of the tee-shirt printer. Mix no provided art, and a rush deadline into the brew- and the Temptation to use clip art arises!

While sometimes a nice clip art design that actually works well with the consumers concept- most of the time it doesn't- it just ends up lookig very plain and boring...but strangely enough, the customer is happy regardless. They have high hopes of selling the shirts (and wonder why sales are so poor), or give them away, and wonder why they never see them worn.... They have no idea that the shirts HAVE proved useful - for washing the car, or for wiping hands as one does maintenance on their car.

Just how important IS that customer in your eyes? A one-time order, so not very important? Just imagine if you have your artist (hopefully ME) draw something quick (and cheap for you), and how much nicer that shirt would look. People would likely wear it often, and many would ask your customer who printed it! Yes- it BUILDS your reputation...and increases the chances of RE-orders, and referred business! It helps delay your poor, witless artist from standing on the street corner with a cardboard design, or sitting against the wall of the supermarket asking for a couple of bucks to get something to eat....It helps your fellow man avoid seeing this more than usual. The sun comes out, and birds sing, and....
Get WITH it! EVERY order you get is important, and if you take pride in how the shirt ends of looking, it is a win-win situation!


Collage of a small fraction of the sketches I have done over the years~

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