Hopefully this will help you make SURE that you get the type of art you are looking for, as well as to develop pity for all in my profession, as you see what we have to deal with, as well as what it takes to produce Art that Sizzles!

Reflections on a See-Saw

Since I can do what I really enjoy for a living- draw and design, you likely think that I "have my cake and eat it, too".
Where'd that silly phrase come from, anyhow?
But, NO, I don't; it's more like living on a hard, wobbly see-saw;
Up- some work comes in
Down- the budget doesn't match the type of art they want. THUD!
Up- I get it done, anyways
Down- then they take forever to pay me. THUD!
Up- After a week or two of little work- it FLOODS in!
Down- Very little rest til it's all done- then the long wait to get paid. Thud!
Up- More work!
Down- Then computer problems and/or the occaisional crash. BIG THUD!
Up- almost finished with the design!
Down- the graphic program locks- I forgot to SAVE it. Have to start over again! Ka-THUD!
And that is just some of the wonderful little adventures I experience being a lone artist.
HOWEVER, one thing I absolutely LOVE about my work is the fact that I can do it 
WHEREVER I live...as long as I have the Net, baby!


Collage of a small fraction of the sketches I have done over the years~

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