Hopefully this will help you make SURE that you get the type of art you are looking for, as well as to develop pity for all in my profession, as you see what we have to deal with, as well as what it takes to produce Art that Sizzles!

Survival of the Fittest or How to Continue being a Freelancer!

   In today's free-falling economy, where many want more for less, it takes more than just the ability to draw and design- but the ability to do it as quickly as possible!
   Thus, you need a fast, creative mind (as well as a fast computer), and the longer one survives, the better equipped you'll BE; for only Experience adds the creative reflex- where ideas come faster. Only experience brings the edge of using graphic software, spawing unique and imaginative special effects and touches to what you have drawn. One's file of sketched ideas becomes massive- a treasure chest to go thru to spark ideas.
   I have often found great ideas popping into the mind as I talk to a customer on the phone, or read their e-mail! However, even THAT is not QUITE enough; courage, determination and discipline is needed.
   More on that, soon!


Collage of a small fraction of the sketches I have done over the years~

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