Custom hand-drawn Samples finished in Photoshop, Corel Draw, and/or Illustrator.

Actual illustration and drawings- as well as graphic art with software!

The combination of actually drawn illustrations scanned into Photoshop to be cleaned, traced for vector art, or as the line art for a Photoshop design gives me the edge over most 'artists' who can't even draw! Mix in Creativity, and seven day a week (including 'hoilidays') and you have serious, professional freelance service!

These are only the tiniest number of samples from over 30 YEARS of freelance commercial art for screenprinters and other companies...

MADvertooning from 1991~


-Tee-Shirt Designs Over the Years-


From 1997- Unique X-Mas Card for a Reality Finance Corporation in Winter Park, FL-
(Client  wanted me to draw a Comic Strip, based on his storyline, and to paste carefully cut pics of their faces  into position)