I have a desk pad next to my computer and drawing tablet where I doodle bizarre things that pop to my mind. Visitors have loved my weird faces and  people- so here is the first one I scanned off the pad, inked in- then colored. I call it "Madface 1"~

My Favorite Illusions-

See the Sleeping Woman?

See an 'ANGEL"?~

Three Birds~

Traveling thru a 'Wormhole'? Stare at the doorway long enough- and you WILL!~


Five Women below!~ 

Could it BE?~

Escher Inspired~


Going UP?

Say Wha-???

I love these new versions of the faces in the vase!~

My Fav~



Look close- and see the zombies comimg, below-

- Did you see the Zombies? -

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